New Beginning

This journal exists solely so I have the possibility to follow my fandoms on LJ - Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. 

For the most part, it is just a read-and-comment-journal. 

I don't write myself, since I don't seem to be able to string words together in an interesting way ;-). 
But - I can do translations. If I find a story that touches me in a special way, I'll quite probably write to you to ask you, if I might translate it into German. Originally, I meant to post the translations to my LJ, but I hardly know any Germans there (and the ones I know are reading in English), so I decided to post them to the german archive

Here a list of stories I have already translated

Harry Potter

Eine Art Wunder 
Original: "A Kind Of Miracle" by _pinkchocolate .The first one and sadly the one that will never be finished since I started translating ist, when it was still a WiP and the author abandoned it.

Ice Shadows
Original: "Ice Shadows" by graylor. Best mpreg I've ever read (and will probably ever read) and only mpreg I'll ever translate.

Wie vernünftige Menschen
Original: "Like Reasonable People" by lomonaaeren. Can Harry and Draco really be reasonable? 

Sherlock Holmes

Winter in London 
Original "Winter in London" by w_a_i_d. One of the best stories I've ever read, if not THE best. And probably my best translation.

Just Been Waiting 
Original: "Just Been Waiting" by lavvyan. Movieverse '09, set after the movie 

Ehe zu Dritt
Original: "Marriage à Trois" by sorrel. Holmes/Watson/Mary, a threesome, yes. Usually not my cup of tea. But this... is a really good one.

Die Sprache der Blumen 
Original: "Floriography Lessons" by w_a_i_d. Holmes likes flowers, doesn't he?

Meeresstille und Glückliche Fahrt 
Original: "Calm Sea And Prosperous Voyage" by w_a_i_d. Post-Reichenbach, Holmes' time abroad...

If your native language is English, go and read the originals (linked in the header of the translations).

I'll always ask for permission before translating anything and I'll send you a link to the translation, give full credit to you in the header of the translation as well as a link to the original story, so anybody who might want to read the original, will have no trouble finding it (which is pretty much the official policy of the german archive).